ACP Rebranding

Custom Video produced the opening program for the annual meeting for the American College of Physicians that introduced the College's newly designed logo. Up until then all our work with the College involved video for teaching clinical skills and for promoting the Journal and special programs to members. We were honored that the marketing department turned to us to help them rebrand and redirect the 99 year old college. Working closely with a small committee, we designed and produced a 3D animation of the new logo, and then through words, pictures and music told an inspiring story about where the College was going. The program succeeded to amaze thousands of doctors who attended the opening session.


As script writers we create narratives, documentaries and drama for programs that market products and services, train, orient, honor, protect and inform.

As producers we do all the behind the scene work that makes a production successful: scheduling, location, sets, crew, equipment, talent, wardrobe and props. Because we own our own equipment, we offer flexible services and rates. And what we don’t have, we source from our network of talent here and around the world.

As directors we strive to get the best performances and shots. Then we direct the editing, graphics, and effects to complete the program on time and on budget.

Custom Video goes where the action is! We provide professional video recording services on location, during meetings & events, and in television studios. We’ve worked all across the US and around the world. Home turf is the Philadelphia metro area, and that often stretches to New York City and Washington, DC. We shoot in many standard and high definition formats. By recording to memory cards and drives we save you time and money on the final deliverable.

For on-camera presentations, interviews, testimonials, and product demonstrations we’ll go around the corner or half way around the world. Rates are flexible. Book us for a 10 hour day, 5 hour half day or just 3 hours to save some cash. Besides our excellent field production units, we offer teleprompters, camera dollies, Steadicam, extra wireless and shot-gun microphones, audio mixers, portable backdrops, chroma-key backgrounds and more.

Cut, reorder, pad-out, massage, sweeten & tweak! As editors we weave a story from threads of ideas, images and sounds from speaker to speaker and topic to topic. We punctuate interviews with action, organize messages, reveal things, get laughs, and unleash feelings of sympathy, joy, admiration and determination. Editing is a challenging art that we take seriously. At Custom Video we have the professional skills and tools, plus the aesthetic competence you need.

Our graphic design and animation talent add visual appeal, uniqueness and style to your video. We animate logos and design titles, graphic builds, lower-thirds, and bumpers to make your video more distinctive and professional. Through graphics we can interpret your complex concepts into clear and simple stories.