About Us

Do you know how to produce a video? We do!

And we've been doing it for 30 years. We can do the whole job from script to screen, or just the part you need. Contact Custom Video to discuss your next project, or get the help you need. Estimates are free.

Custom Video engages minds and inspires audiences to transform your world.
We focus our storytelling talent, experience and technology to make video—in all its forms—work for you.

Writing, Producing & Directing

As writers we script narratives, documentaries and drama for programs that market products and services, train, orient, honor, protect and inform.

As producers we do all the behind the scene work that makes a production successful: scheduling, location, sets, crew, equipment, talent, wardrobe and props. Because we own our own equipment, we offer flexible services and rates. And what we don’t have, we source from our network of talent here and around the world.

As directors we strive for the best on-camera performances. Then we direct the editing, graphics, and effects to complete the program on time and on budget.

Video Recording

Custom Video provides professional video recording services on location, during meetings & events, and in television studios. We’ve worked all across the US and around the world. Home turf is the Philadelphia metro area, and that often stretches to New York City and Washington, DC. We shoot in many standard and high definition formats. By recording to memory cards and drives we save you time and money on the final deliverable.

For on-camera presentations, interviews, testimonials, and product demonstrations we’ll go around the corner or half way around the world. Rates are flexible. Book us for a 10 hour day, 5 hour half day or just 3 hours to save some cash. Besides our excellent field production units, we offer teleprompters, camera dollies, Steadicam, portable backdrops and more.

Live event recording—there’s no second chance!
Trust Custom Video to capture the events that tell your stories. 
We offer single and multiple camera recording solutions that
deliver your programs how and where you need them.

Video Editing, Graphics & Animation

Cut down, reorder, pad-out, massage, sweeten & tweak! As editors we weave a story from threads of ideas, images and sounds from speaker to speaker and topic to topic. We punctuate interviews with action, organize messages, reveal things, get laughs, and unleash feelings of sympathy, joy, admiration and determination. Editing is a challenging art that we take seriously. At Custom Video we offer the professional skills and tools, plus the aesthetic competence you need.

Our graphic design and animation talent add visual appeal, uniqueness and style to your video. We animate logos and design titles, graphic builds, lower-thirds, and bumpers to make your video more distinctive and professional. Through graphics we can interpret your complex concepts into clear and simple stories.

Web Video, Discs and Drives

With so many choices, distributing video is challenging. At Custom Video the choice comes down to bits, discs and drives. We burn DVDs, CDs, and USB drives. And for bits we offer compressed video files; mainly, MPEG-4, Windows Media, Quicktime and Flash in many resolutions, sent to you via the internet. Still can’t decide? We can help.  Just put us in touch with your IT professionals.

Need user interactive content in an attractively designed package? Custom Video has been producing interactive DVDs and CDs for years. Our advanced authoring capabilities provide intuitive navigation, animated and static menu design, multi-region and multi-standard (PAL, NTSC) playback, subtitling schemes and professional packaging. BTW we’re good at quick and economical disk replication.